Sierra Nevada Journeys

The Next Generation Science Standards Boot Camp

A Final Report to the Catamount Fund

In April of 2016, the Catamount Fund provided funding for Sierra Nevada Journeys to host the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Boot Camp. The Boot Camp provided elementary teachers with the tools to prepare and deliver high quality science instruction. This professional development opportunity helped elementary educators seamlessly integrate science education across their multiple disciplines and provide them with confidence in teaching science aligned to the latest in educational standards.

The Boot Camp was a total success with teachers exclaiming, “Thank you SNJ staff for a fabulous day of learning and fun!!! My comfort level surrounding the NGSS has risen tremendously! I’m extremely excited to hit the ground running, go back and share my newfound understanding with my teaching partner, and begin implementing the Carbon and Climate unit in our 6th grade classrooms!” and “It was great, I feel much more confident in my knowledge of the NGSS Standards and it was very organized and well presented.”





Host 54 educators (adjusted to reflect for difference between request and award) for a 3-day, 2-night immersive workshop focused on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)54 educators spent a long weekend at the Grizzly Creek Ranch campus completely immersed in all things NGSSBeginning Friday evening on April 8th and concluding Sunday afternoon on April 10th, 2016, we were thrilled to host so many passionate educators on our campus.
Provide 16 hours of programming for K-6 educators and offer one continuing education credit (CE) or graduate credit for all participating teachersProvided 16 hours of programming with 7 different sessions including a keynote speaker; Offered all attendees continuing education or graduate creditKeynote address and program sessions included the following NGSS content: Getting to know the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science (aka NGSS); Setting Norms; Conceptual Shifts of the NGSS; Integrating the 3 Dimensions of NGSS; The NGSS Planning Model; Grade level progressions within the NGSS; Connecting NGSS with CCSS; Challenge Course; Night Hike; and Grade Level Breakouts
Include guest presenters from DRI, University of Nevada, Reno, Washoe County School District, the Nevada Department of Education, and Nevada’s Regional Professional Development Program (RPDP)5 highly respected subject matter experts provided presentations and/or workshops for attendeesGuest presenters included Dr. David Crowther (University of Nevada, Reno), Jamie Garaventa (Washoe County School District), Benjamin Ho (University of Nevada, Reno), Sean Hill and Kristen Fenstermacher (Sierra Nevada Journeys)
95%+ of Boot Camp attendees will complete SNJ administered surveys and at least 90% of those surveyed will report a positive experience and increased level of comfort with NGSS.100% surveyed; 92% reported increase level of comfortMore than 90% of surveyed participants stated that they experienced an increase in their comfort level working with NGSS over the course of the weekend.

Teacher Testimonies:

NGSS Boot Camp attendees learned a great deal, collaborated with other teachers and education experts, and felt empowered to successfully incorporate NGSS into their classroom lessons. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from the teachers themselves through the following quotes obtained from surveys:

“I really liked having the opportunity to plan and collaborate with my grade level. It feels great to be walking away with a full unit map!”

“I had a fantastic weekend. Created an awesome unit. Excited to get back and actually teach it.”

“It was nice to put everything we learned into practice and to actually create something we will be using in science. I’ m super excited to see how it evolves as we go through this next unit. SEAN ROCKS!!! Thanks for facilitating a great weekend and an even better learning opportunity!”

“There was a great balance between lecture time and hands on activities and fun. The meals were great and the scheduling was very well organized!”

“We were extremely productive in our grade-level planning group and got a unit mapped out. Awesome use of time.”

“We were able to design a complete unit in very little time, using the tools presented to us throughout the weekend. I’m so happy I was able to attend such an amazing workshop.”

“I have a much better understanding about how everything works together. I appreciate the time to discuss the idea of a lesson with a group. This allowed new points to be clarified.”

“This time was very valuable to us as a grade level team. We never have the time to work together and develop solid lessons especially that are 3 dimensional. Today we got to create a solid and semi-detailed outline of an astronomy unit together that we feel confident about and we know we will use. Thanks so much! Next time, we could even use more time! It was so rejuvenating and energizing to collaborate with passionate educators and plan together to better teach the NGSS.”

Support from the Catamount Fund made this inspiring and

educational event possible for local teachers.

On behalf of the educators we served through the

NGSS Boot Camp – thank you!