Our Projects

Examples of some of the research and efforts Catamount Fund, Ltd. has performed include the following:

  • Engaged several grad students and several other independent contractors and scholars to assemble, read and evaluate material on the status of Nevada public education and education reform;
  • Visited with over 100 educators, academics, legislators, constitutional officers, executives, oriented non-profit organizations and interested parties statewide;
  • Met with Hoover Institution and Rand scholars, collected relevant books and papers from them;
  • Enlisted an advisory team with a sincere interest in education reform;
  • Attend legislative committee hearings and meetings;
  • Paid for and provided a staff member to Governor’s Office to facilitate the statewide application for the Race to the Top competition;
  • Funded scholarly and executive reports, such as: Nevada Economic Diversification, An Economic Analysis of Financial and Intangible Assets Firms in Nevada, Relative Teacher Compensation in Nevada;
  • Obtained or purchased numerous papers and books on education-related topics and distributed them to elected officials, educators and relevant parties.

Catamount Fund, Ltd. – A non-profit 501(c)(3)

Catamount Fund, Ltd. is a non profit 501(c)(3). It was created to promote the public enjoyment of the arts, fund scientific and medical research, fund studies for education reform, assist in developing public policy for economic development and efficiency in government, support children who are impacted by crime, and support programs to provide outdoor skills to children in the community.

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