Our Objectives

ObjectivesCatamount Fund enjoys being a resource. This can be in the form of advocacy, board membership, serving as a catalyst, sponsoring research, hosting events, facilitating opportunities, etc.

Catamount’s Efforts can be useful in the following areas of public policy:

  • To put in place a focused economic development campaign that supplements the State of Nevada’s existing economic development campaigns.
  • Delineate and make available that there are public schools, north and south, that are sufficient for giving quality public education for those who move here now.
  • Put in motion public school education reform by advancing advocating the specific “best practices” of other states for adoption by Nevada’s education establishment, union and legislature with specific, concrete examples. Each element will be advanced by one on one meetings with those necessary to adopt change.
  • Put in motion the need for a Constitutional Business Court.
  • Enlarge the Nevada Business Bar’s pro bono effort for improving business law, including cooperation with the Secretary of State’s office
  • Find government programs to cut, defer or eliminate.
  • Find alternatives contemplated or in use by other states that are temporary (e.g., real cuts in pay for two years and finding projects that can be deferred)
  • Nevada’s intangible industries are to be defined, enumerated, studied and quantified in recent years. Intangible firms ought to be interviewed at length.
  • Encourage a campaign to solicit out-of-state intangibles firms in the near future

Catamount Fund, Ltd. – A non-profit 501(c)(3)

Catamount Fund, Ltd. is a non profit 501(c)(3). It was created to promote the public enjoyment of the arts, fund scientific and medical research, fund studies for education reform, assist in developing public policy for economic development and efficiency in government, support children who are impacted by crime, and support programs to provide outdoor skills to children in the community.

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