CornSkyOur attempt herein is to create two proper names, “Intangible Industries” and “FIA Firms,” which we have used for several years but, if new to you, may seem unclear.

“Intangible Industries” is intended to aggregate, under one name, a dozen or so industries that have certain things in common even if this is not widely understood. The enterprises identified as being Intangible Industries are “FIA Firms.”

A tangible industry would be one that makes something physical (e.g., shoes) or retails something physical in a bricks and mortar store (e.g., shoes).

But Intangible Industries include investment managers, insurance, intellectual property management and administrative functions, and many more.

The world has changed in the last 50 years. No longer are paper stock certificates physically delivered by seller to buyer and, therefore, there is no need for brokers, investment managers and banks to be clustered near Wall Street; corporate headquarters need not be clustered near their advertising agencies; their lawyers and accountants, or be near to each other as trading partners, etc.

The key concept is that many of the FIA Firms can be located anywhere they wish, not having to locate in a proximity to physical resources, seaports, or trading partners.

With electronic communication, air travel and other modern means of transportation or telecommuting many FIA Firms can elect to be located where they please. This translates into high quality of life and a good business environment, including tax considerations.

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An Economic Analysis of Financial and Intangible Assets Firms in Nevada